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Table of ContentsTable of Contents 
Introduction Introduction 
Section 1Purpose (PDF 30K)
Section 2Definitions (PDF 55K)
Section 3

Establishment of Districts (PDF 20K)

Types of Districts

Location of Districts

Section 4 Residential Districts (PDF74K)
Uses Permitted
Uses Requiring Permit from Board of Appeals
Uses Requiring Permit from Planning Board
Residential District 3A
Rate of Development
Section 5 Business Districts (PDf 37K)
Business District 1:
Uses Requiring Permit from Board of Appeals
Uses Requiring Special Permit from Planning Board
Uses Requiring Special Permit From Planning Board
Business District 2:
Uses Permitted
Uses Requiring Special Permit from Board of Appeals
Section 6  Waterfront/Commercial District (PDF 43K)
Purpose Statement
Uses Permitted in the Waterside Management Area
Uses Permitted in the Commercial Management Area
Uses Requiring a Special Permit from the Planning Board
Special Requirements
Dimensional & Other Lot Requirements
Special Permit Findings
Special Permit Conditions
Section 7 

General Regulations (PDF 90K)
Pre-Existing Non-Conforming Lots
Wedges and Irregular Shaped Lots
Deep Lot Provisions

Height Regulations
Sign Regulations
Parking Regulations
Mobile Homes, Trailers and Campers
Noise, Illumination and Odors
Scientific Accessory Uses
Multi-Unit Dwellings - Special Permit Determination
Excavation and Topograph Alteration
Lagoon Harbor Park
Fencing and Barriers for Hazards
Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF)
Cluster Development and Planned Unit Development

Section 8 

Cluster Development and Planned Unit Development Cont. (PDF 27K)
Cluster Development
Planned Unit Development

Section 9 Special Overlay Districts (PDF 95K)
Coastal Districts
Tisbury Island Road District
Special Ways Districts
Scenic Roads
Flood/Storm Districts
Flood Plain Districts
Historic Districts
Wetlands Restrictive Act
Wetlands Protection Act
Marine Districts and Designated Channels
Groundwater Protection District
Wild and Scenic North Shore District
Section 10Administration (PDF 37K)
Permits, Special Permits and Variances
Planning Board
Board of Appeals
Section 11 Adoption - Effectivity - Amendment (PDF 21K)
Section 12Validity (PDF 20K)
Section 13    
Appendices (PDF 28K)
Schedule A
Within Residential Districts
Within Business and Commercial Districts
Schedule B- Statutory Response Periods
Zoning Map Facsimiles