Does the Board of Health limit the number of bedrooms in a dwelling based on the size of the lot?

In most cases the Board of Health only limits the number of bedrooms in a dwelling by the size of the septic system that can be constructed on the lot. Exceptions to this are properties within the District of Critical Planning Concern (DCPC), a Zone II or lots that are served by well water. Properties within 1,500 feet of mean high water of Lagoon Pond are considered to be located in the DCPC and are limited to one bedroom per 15,000 square feet of land area, with a maximum of three bedrooms for properties under 45,000 square feet. Properties within a Zone II or served by well water are limited to one bedroom per 10,000 square feet of land area. Specific questions about designing a septic system should be addressed with your engineer.

For additional assistance, we suggest that you call, fax, or email the Board of Health Office.

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