What is required when you want to start a business?

  1. Must file a Business Certificate with Town Clerk.  
  2. Unincorporated businesses are required to have a Transient Vendor's License, filed with the State. Cost $100.00. In order to get the State License, the applicant must also have an executed Insurance Bond, with a face value of $500. Cost: $50.00. The Insurance Bond can be completed by any Insurance Agency and filed along with the Transient Vendor's License Application to the Director of Standards in Boston.  
  3. A local Transient Vendor's fee of $300 will be collected by the Town Clerk after the Board of Selectmen approves the State License at a subsequent meeting of the Board of Selectmen, according to Town Bylaw.

NOTE: Businesses selling tangible goods to the public, i.e., clothing, jewelry, hardware, etc. are covered in this section.

Food or any consumable goods do not require a Transient Vendor's License, but are required to be licensed by the Board of Health.

Other types of businesses or services; Call the Town Clerk for information.