Wastewater Operations

State Road B2 District Sewer Expansion

For information on the proposed State Road B2 District Sewer Expansion, please see the downloadable PDFs on the left hand tab, including a map and powerpoint slideshow prepared by Environmental Partners Inc.

Tisbury Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Town of Tisbury's Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenence of the Tisbury Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), located at 155 Highpoint Lane, and the associated sewer collection system, located mostly in downtown Vineyard Haven between Main Street and Beach Road. The sewer system was installed in 2004 to help mitigate the adverse effects of septic system runoff into The Lagoon and Vineyard Haven Harbor. The WWTF is a grade 6 wastewater treatment facility approved for a maximum daily flow of 104,000 gallons per day, and discharges its treated effluent into two leaching fields, located at the soccer field behind the DPW building at 115 highpoint lane and behind the Tisbury Emergency Services Building. 

To Property Owners:

Please see the forms on the left for new user connections, abatement meter applications, increased flow applications, etc.

The sewer system serves approximately 130 residents and businesses in Tisbury, both by gravity flow sewer and a low pressure sewer force main. Each property owner connected to the force main is equipped with a pump chamber that is inspected by staff twice per year to ensure proper working order. A blinking red light on top of the pump control panels will indicate when there is a problem.

Please call the Communications Center at 508-693-1212 to report an issue. 


The grinder pumps are not perfect, and can easily be clogged by non-flushable materials such as wet-wipes, diapers, rags, feminine products, etc. 

The sewer department of Charleston, S.C. recently had to send in divers to remove massive piles of "flushable" wipes from their sewer mains: 



Property owners will be billed for service calls to their grinder pump stations caused by the flushing of these non-degradable materials, at a flate rate of $50 during day-time hours (7am-4pm, Monday-Friday) and $150 during off-hours calls. 

Most emergency calls can be avoided by eliminating the flushing of all types of cleaning wipes, and removal of fats, oil, and greases.  We ask that residents put these items into containers and into the trash rather than flushing or pouring them down the drain.

The Tisbury Board of Selectmen have approved the following fees to ensure the fiscal viability of the Tisbury Wastewater Facility and it's associated collection system:

Approved Rate Schedule - Wastewater Department - 9/12/17 - Click here to view Sewer Advisory Committee Memo

0.0410 cents per gallon of wastewater (based off of water consumption readings obtained from the Tisbury Water Works)
Quarterly Base Connection Fee - $50
Service Connection Application Fee - $200
Flow Increase Application Fee - $200
After Hours Emergency Call - $150 flat rate
Business Hour Emergency Call - $ 50 flat rate
Abatement Meter Fee* - $300
Abatement Meter Annual Fee** - $50
20 cents per gallon - septage

*The DPW will provide an abatement meter of their choice in all properties electing to use a meter. For existing abatement meter users, there will be no cost to trade their current meter for the new one. For new users, they will be required to purchase the new meter from the DPW. The meters will be allowed only for external use.
**The new abatement meters will be read remotely by our staff using an internet based system. There will be an annual charge to users to cover the cost for this service.

New User Connection Fee – applicable to any property new to the system and not already paying a betterment.
50% of the original total cost of the wastewater treatment facility and collection system to be
pro-rated for the remainder of the loan period and based on the assigned Title 5 flow rate for property.
In order to better manage bill collections in a timely manner, we also propose the following fees based on those adopted by the Tisbury Water Department.
Late Notice Fee - $25
Interest Rate for Unpaid Balances - 14% annually
Demand Notice Fee (45 days) - $35
Lien Fee upon addition to real estate tax bill - $15

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

phone: (508) 696-4220 ext. 156

email: tisburyww@tisburyma.gov

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Thompson Wastewater Superintendent 508-696-4220
Mike Alberice Plant Operator 774-563-1086
James Stinemire Plant Operator 774-563-5028
Bryan Cimeno Administrative Assistant 508-696-4220