Jan. 2020 water bills were due Feb. 3rd...

Water Bills are sent out semi-annually in the first week of January and the first week of July. Please see below regarding late charges and your bill contains info about the Interest that accrues. If you pay online on this website, call us first for your up-to-date dollar amount owed.

PLEASE NOTE: The wording on the lower left side of the bill should have been updated to say...
"This bill is for your BASE RATE charge from
01/01/2020 - 06/30/2020.
If you have an EXCESS USAGE charge, it is based on usage from
07/01/2019 - 12/31/2019"
We apologize for the confusion!

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Note: a late charge of $15 is applied 30 days the from the due date (February 3rd).  A second late charge of $25 will be applied 60 days following the due date.  If you are making a payment past the due date on your statement it is advised to contact the water department to recieve the most accurate balance. It is the resposiblity of the property owner to provide Tisbury Water Works with updated mailing and contact information including caretaker information if applicable. 

Our telephone is: 508-693-3100

*A change of address form is attached for your conveience if you would perfer to update on the website please click here.