Open Space & Recreation Plan

Current work

The Tisbury Planning Board is currently working with the Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) to develop an Open Space, Parks and Recreation Plan. An inventory of all known open space, conservation lands, and parks has been completed (click to view PDF of map and property description) and an existing conditions report on each site is underway.  As a second task in this process an online survey was just completed to better understand how Tisbury residents value and use these Town resources. The 225 people who participated in the survey (click to view results) also identified improvements that would enhance park use and strategies that the town could use to better maintain and steward these resources. Please see link to review a summary analysis (click to view summary analysis) of the survey and the presentation given at the October 25 vision forum.

Next steps

The planning board and the MVC are currently working to develop a set of goals and policies, based on the public input gathered through the survey.  Once complete the goals and policies will be shared at a Vision Forum meeting and on this site for public comments and suggestions. The final steps the plan will be the development of Future Recreation Map and the development of a General Capital Improvement Plan.

Once complete and adopted by the Board of selectmen, this plan will guide Town decision making, budgeting and grant writing to make improvements and better care for these important public resources.