Fire House Lot

The project site, once the location of the Tisbury firehouse, sits in a prominent location on Beech Street between Main Street and Veteran's Park. There have been very few improvements to the site since the structure was removed. The town currently rents the space on a yearly basis for parking. The openness of the lot disrupts the streetscape and creates an unpleasant pedestrian space along the sidewalk.  The path that connects to the Veteran's Park provides an opportunity to create a welcoming route to the park but the exisiting walk and retaining wall are in disrepair.

The planning board and DPW have been working on plans to repurpose this lot to establish a formal pedestrian/bike entrance to Veterans Park, create a pocket park along Beech Street and develop a public multi-purpose area to support parking and a range of community activities and public events. These plans have been shared at Vision Council meetings and public feedback has been incorporated in the plans as they have developed.  A conceptual plan and a phased implementation strategy have been completed.  The town anticipates that implementation of the bike path will begin in the fall of 2017.