Coastal Resilience

A Graduate student from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is working with the planning board and a local advisory committee to study coastal resilience in Vineyard Haven Harbor. The latest projections of sea-level rise indicate a significant effect on the Tisbury’s coastal landscape within a foreseeable future (two feet by 2050 and six feet by 2100).  The purpose of the study is investigate how to strengthen physical, ecological, and social sustainability of the community through proactive design and planning measures. This type of planning can reduce community vulnerability and help guide future policy and planning decisions that respect and acknowledge our changing climate. 

The study seeks to answer two fundamental questions:

1. How will sea level rise effect the town's critical infrastructure, and its cultural, environmental and economic resources?

2. What are alternative adaptation strategies the community can consider in the short-term to better prepare for long-term climate change?

Research and design studies will  provide graphic illustrations of the data and alternative adaptation strategies that will enable the community to visualize sea level rise and its effect on Tisbury’s landscape.  It is intended to initiate town planning discussions and guide future planning decisions.