When am I required to have my septic system inspected?

At the current time the Board of Health may require a septic inspection if the system in question has been pumped out more than four times in a calendar year, the system has overflowed or shows other signs of possible failure, or in the case of renovations to a dwelling that will increase the flow to an existing septic system. A septic inspection is always required for sale and transfer of a property which has a septic system older than two years that has not been inspected within the past two years. Inspections must be completed by a state certified inspector and submitted to this office within thirty days of completion. Once accepted by this office the report is valid for two years.

In accordance with Town Meeting vote, the town is currently in the process of implementing a septic management plan. Once this plan is implemented, all septic systems in the town will need to be inspected and placed on a regular maintenance schedule.