What is the process for pumping out a septic system and how many times can I do so in a year?

The first step is to contact your pumper to schedule the pumpout. Once you know what date the system will be pumped you should contact the Board of Health office to obtain a permit.

The Town of Tisbury does not currently have treatment or disposal facilities available for pumpouts and the effluent must either be shipped off island or brought to the Edgartown Treatment Facility. Through an agreement with the Edgartown Wastewater Treatment Facility, the Town of Tisbury is allowed to dispose of 4,000 gallons of residential wastewater/septage per day at the Edgartown Facility. The gallonage is monitored through the issuance of four Edgartown permits per day, which are valid for 1,000 gallons of residential wastewater/septage, or any part thereof. The cost of the Edgartown permits are $15.00 each and will only be issued the day prior to or the day of the pumpout. All other wastewater/septage must be transported off-island. Permits for these pumpouts cost $20.00 each and are issued anytime during the month in which they will be used.

According to state code, you may pump out your septic system up to four times per year. If you exceed four pumpouts per calendar year you will be required to have the system inspected to determine why it is not functioning properly.