Mooring Waiting Lists


The mooring wait list has now been updated. You may view the waitlist by simply using the link provided ( that takes you to Simply click on the waitlist option.

Good News! People who are currently on the waitlist will be able to have the option to renew their status on-line at the end of the year for 2020. In addition, people who wish to be added to the waitlist may now do so on-line by simply filling out the on-line application and submitting it.

You may notice that the wait list may change throughout the year, this is because the lists are connected to the Town of Tisbury Waterways live data base.

Please watch out for future bulletins as we continue to transition access and information to the Mooring Info website.

If anyone has any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact either John Crocker, Harbormaster or Kim Elias, Natural Resource Assistant.