Harbor Department Camera at Owen Park & Lake Tashmoo Landing Temporarily Disabled from Public Access Control

The Harbor Department Camera at Owen Park and Lake Tashmoo landing have been temporarily disabled from public access control.  When public access is resumed, the Harbor Department would like to remind members of the public that the purpose of access is to provide boaters, mooring holders and boat owners the ability to monitor their vessels if they feel the need to do so.  The camera is not intended for members of the public as a tool to take in the beautiful vistas of the Town of Tisbury for extended periods of time.  When a member of the public uses the camera, please be aware of what is focused in view can be seen by all members of the public if they are utilizing the Town of Tisbury Harbor Department web page.  Taking advantage or over use by individuals may cause the privilege of public access to this useful tool to be removed permanently.

Thank you for your consideration.

Town of Tisbury
Harbor Department