Tisbury Massachusetts
51 Spring Street, P.O. Box 1239, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
ph: (508) 696-4200


Code of Ethics and Conduct

(Voted April 23-25, 1996, Article 23;
     Approved by Attorney General July 22, 1996;
Posted July 29, 1996)

All of us are more important than any of us. All officials and employees are officials and employees first of the Town of Tisbury, and are to be respected, and to respect each other, as such.

The interests of the Town are served in various, mutually supportive ways by its various boards, committees, and commissions.

All officials and employees will, therefore, seek to understand the overall structure of Tisbury town government, including the relationship between elements of government and the importance and value of clear communication and cooperation where responsibilities do, may, or might overlap.

Newly elected or appointed officials are also expected to understand their body’s Mission Statement, which spells out in specific language the governmental function and responsibilities of their particular unit of Tisbury town government.

Town officials and employees individually and collectively represent the Town to the public whom they serve. Courtesy and good cheer are wonderfully effective instruments of government.
Note: In this regard, it is particularly important that agendas for meetings be made available as far in advance as practical, that decorum be preserved in the conduct of meetings (with issues in the fore and personal differences minimized), and that minutes be readily available to anyone interested.

6.  Elected officials also serve specifically as leaders of the Town, responsible for understanding its needs, seeking solutions to its problems, and educating the people as to proposed or alternative ways to build for a better future. They have the responsibility to move toward Town goals.

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