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Rubbish & Recyclables
Curbside Pickup


Town of Tisbury Residents

Bruno's Rolloff, Inc was awarded the contract for disposal of residential trash & recycling. Trash stickers may be purchased at Cronig's Market in Tisbury, Cumberland Farms, Leslie's Drugstore, Town Hall and Cash & Carry. Senior stickers will be available at Cash & Carry.

As of May 21, 2012, residents who normally have pickup on Monday's or Tuesday's for trash, your pickup will be on Monday's. Anyone who normally has pickups Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for trash, your new pickup day will be on Thursdays.

Recycling will start May 21, 2012, and will only be scheduled for pickup every other week. Monday and Tuesday recycling pickup will now be scheduled for Mondays. The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday pickup will now be on Thursday's. If you have both trash and recycling service you will be given a bin on wheels for your recycling at no charge.

The price of stickers will be $4.50 on May 21, 2012. Bruno's Rolloff, Inc will also be providing a flag system for those customers that have wooden or plastic bins. (These customers will need to raise flag up for pickup.)

All curbside trash and recycling should be placed 4' back from the curb, with the front of container facing the street by 7:00a.m. Any stops not out by the designated time will be picked up on your next scheduled pickup.

Bruno's is closed on: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. All trash will be picked up the day after these holidays.

Thank you, Bruno's Rolloff, Inc.

Bruno's Rolloff Inc. • P 0 Box 2058 • Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

(508) 693-1585 • FAX (508) 693-6877 •


Tisbury Recyclables -2010 @ the Landfill

In the trailer marked - RECYCLABLES"

Clean glass, tin cans and any plastic or Styrofoam with the triangle symbol

Please remove any aluminum covers (for example.. .on some yogurt containers and dog/cat food), and plastic wrap

Please do not throw in aluminum trays, tin foil, coffee mugs, phones, CDs, clothes hangers, and other such unmarked items.   No li c\m

Please no cardboard containers such as soymilk, and Paul Newman's juices Plastic bags (with the exception of black plastic) are taken in the hanging

plastic bag outside.of trailer

In the trailer marked - NEWSPAPERS

Leave only newspaper, phonebooks, magazines, and catalogs

Please.. .No books, office paper, shredded paper, Kneexe, paper towels or personal mail

In trailer marked -CARDBOARD

Flatten corrugated cardboard, and brown paper bags ONLY

Corrugated looks like

We do not at this time, take paper board- which cereal, crackers, and other such products are packaged in

Thank you for your help in keeping Tisbury clean and green
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM  /// Saturday-Sunday 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
RATES:VEHICLE PERMITS                                                                             $25.00
  Refuse per  40 gallon container (minimum fees $4.50)                      $ 4.50
  Bulk items (Couch, Padded Chairs)                                                    $12.00
  Sleep Sofa Mattress and Box Springs                                               $45.00
  Scrap Metal (all types per 32 gallon container)                                  $12.00
  Brush - Dump Truck                                                                            $50.00
  Leaves & Grass - Dump Truck                                                           $10.00
  Leaves & Grass - Pickup Truck                                                          $ 5.00

  Appliance                                                                                            $15.00
  Small Appliance                                                                                   $ 2.00
  Bath Tubs (Cast Iron)                                                                          $13.00
  Baseboard Heater per foot                                                                 $ 0.40
  Fluorescent Lights (Tubes)                                                                 $ 1.00
  Grills, (Gas)                                                                                         $10.00
  Grills (Charcoal)                                                                                  $  5.50
  Lawn Mowers (Push)                                                                         $ 7.50
  Lawn Mowers (Riding)                                                                       $20.00
  Lawn Mowers (Tractor )                                                                    $26.00
  Pipes per foot ( 1 inch diameter or more)                                           $  0.40
  Pipes per foot ( less than 1 inch diameter)                                         $  0.20
  Radiator per foot (cast iron)                                                               $  3.50
  Sink (cast iron)                                                                                   $  7.50
  TV / Monitors                                                                                       $25.00
  Vacuum Cleaners                                                                                $ 8.50
  Water Heater (less than 100 gallons)                                                  $13.00
  Water Heater (100 gallons or over)                                                     $23.00

  Bicycles                                                                                               $ 6.00
  Car Seats                                                                                             $12.00
  Catalytic Converters Mufflers Radiators                                              $ 2.75
  Doors                                                                                                    $ 6.25
  Engines (without oil)                                                                             $13.00
  Generators Starters                                                                             $ 1.50
  Metal Bumpers Fenders                                                                        $ 5.00
  Mopeds                                                                                                 $26.00
  Tire/Car                                                                                                 $ 3.75
  Tires/Trucks                                                                                          $10.50
  Transmission                                                                                         $ 6.50

RECYCLABLES                                                                                       FREE

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Town of Tisbury  51 Spring St., P.O. Box 1239, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568  Phone (508) 696-4200
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