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Order of Articles at Town Meeting
Section 27
Voted June 1, 1934, Article 5; Approved by the Attorney General June 27, 1934;
Deleted May 7-8, 1991, Article 69
Voted May 7-8, 1991, Article 69 to add the following new Bylaw:
Section ____

Order in Which Warrant Articles Are Taken Up At Town Meetings.

1. Before each Town Meeting the Town Clerk shall prepare lots or counters so that the number of each Article in the Warrant for the Meeting is on a separate lot, and all the lots shall be placed in a container. The lots and container shall be designed so that when a lot is drawn from the container, no one will be able to foretell the number that will be selected.

2. All Articles in the Warrant for a Town Meeting shall be taken up by lot, at random. The Moderator for a Town Meeting shall draw one lot at a time, declare the number the Article indicated thereon, and not draw another lot until the Meeting has disposed of that Article.

A. As the first order of business at a Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen may present a Consent Calendar of Articles to be acted upon in groups, through common motions, without explanation or discussion. The Meeting may add Articles to the Consent Calendar or, if explanation or discussion is desired, delete Articles therefrom. All motions regarding the Consent Calendar shall re-quire a two-thirds majority vote for passage.
B. At any time during a Town Meeting when no Article has been taken up and no motion is under discussion, a voter may move to take up a particular Article out of order. Whether such motion relates to an Article that has not yet been taken up or an Article that has already been disposed of, it shall require a two-thirds majority vote for passage.
C. Once an Article has been taken up, if a motion is properly made to postpone consideration of it to another time within the same Town Meeting, such motion shall require a two-thirds majority vote for passage.
D. If the Board of Selectmen determines that two or Articles are related in such a way that one of them must be acted upon before another, the Town Clerk shall prepare ne lot for all the related Articles so that it shows the order in which they should be considered. When the Moderator draws a lot for such related Articles, he or she shall declare their numbers, and they shall be taken up in that order before another lot is drawn.

4. The official record of each Town Meeting shall report the Articles in the order as printed in the Warrant. In addition to reporting the final action voted on each Article, the record shall show the date and time of the vote.

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